Sunday, February 18, 2007

Condemnation of Maciej Giertych pamhlet

I decided to write this post (after being silent for so long) to condemn the example of hatred and racism that happened to appear on the media scene after Mr. Maciej Giertych published his pamphlet "Civilisations at war in Europe" ( Not only the pamphlet is dangerous, for being anti-semitic, but it is also fundamentaly false in the picture of civilization struggle. As such, the pamphlet teaches and promotes the hatred and isolation. See the sentence from concluding remarks: "Integration, middle ground and the ‘melting pot’ are not possible." I leave this without comment.

Mr. Giertych (I refuse to call him Prof. - as being forestry scholar who vigorously opposes evolution theory - does not deserve the scientific title) imposes false notion of "the nation" as being typically Polish. I'm Polish - and believe me - I, and all my old family, have different notion of the nation. Our nation was always wider than Giertych’s "latin" family. It contained Jewish, Tatar, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and was for hundreds of years the true and successful melting point. It is true - it is no longer such - the II World War was the first cause, the communism the second. Today, Maciej Giertych views, supported by many right-wing bigots is potentially another reason.

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