Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cryptography & XML

Probably it is good thing to announce now ( to mobilizie myself!!!!) ... I write two books ... Based on my lectures on cryptography and on XML technologies the two texts grow slowly but steady almost every week. As for cryptography one, I devided it in two parts. The first is about cryptology history (I would not dare to write it if I had not chance to read the monumental Kahn's "The CodeBreakers") the second is about modern cryptographic techniques described in almost-non-mathematical way. The intended audience of the books are my current and future students of The Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz. I can not afford two much of math there :-(.
The XML book covers XML basics and some selected XML technologies. Both are (unfortunately) so far in Polish. However, the fact is that all informal notes I make while preparing the material is in English, so maybe one day .... :-)

.NET in my technology lectures

This semester, while lecturing on e-commerce technologies I added a bit more than usually of C# and ASP.NET technologies. The material, in Polish is at Although not complete, I'm quite happy I managed to write it in quite difficult time for me.

The most beautiful Song since Song of Songs....

Just (After Song of Songs)  The song written by David Lang  and beautifully sung by Trio Mediæval Just your mouth Just your love Just your a...