Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time is a river, and books are boats

A little quiz for my readers: What book's review am I going to entitle by this citation?

"Time is a river, and books are boats"


  1. Mirek, I just saw this and wonder ... might you provide a clue?

    I my short (Google) hunt for a possible title I came across "Of Time and the River: a Legend of a Man's Hunger in His Youth" by Thomas Wolfe, which sounds amazing - see here

    Maybe this is it?
    Or - maybe you are reading the Mary Alice Monroe's novel "Time is a River", a "novel of strong Southern women". But I doubt that.

    Thanks, this is fun!

  2. You will have a real, big LOL: it's from ... Down's Brown "The Lost Symbol" - the book that left me with a crack ... Brown took it from Masonic Bible:

    BTW, I still have some tail after our conference, and I owe my readers 4 reviews: of Kronos quartet concert in Lodz, of The Lost Symbol, about Forrester Groundswell and about our XX anniversary.

  3. Time is a river...and books are boats.
    Sited from:

    The Mercy of Hell, and Other Sermons
    By Joseph Fort Newton

    Sited by Dan Brown in The Lost Symbol