Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally - it is here ...

After so long waiting, after a change to its title, from "The Solomon Key" to "The Lost Symbol" it has finally arrived. Just two days ago, and has already become the bestseller with one million copies sold on the first day of sales. I must admit - I'm one of those early adopters of the book, with its audio rendition acquired the day after premiere...

Many say, its naive writing and focused only on shocking the audience with conspiracy theories and unfounded pseudo-historical accounts. Quite possible. However, Dan Brown is such fantastic story teller that for this very virtue of the author - it's worth to read "The Lost Symbol". I'm past 50 or so pages of it - fantastic and captivating narration....


  1. Hi Mirek! This is Peter from bookblogs. I can't wait to read your review of this book.

  2. Peter,

    In my mind I have it already. But as we celebrate XX of my company tomorrow, I will write it down on Tuesday. Thanks for your interest !!!