Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Into the serfdom

Say the word

In a totalitarian state
Is not evicted
From Tuesday to Wednesday
They will stint it slowly
Take it away piece by piece
(Sometimes giving back a piece
But never more than what was taken away)
Day by day in bits
In quantities imperceptible
Until the one fine day,
After a few or several years
We will wake up into the serfdom
Yet we will not even see it
We will be convinced
That so it should be
That so it always was.
This is my, perhaps poor, translation of the poem written by Polish Poet Kornel Filipowicz.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Can reason emerge from atoms? Reading DeLanda ...

I have been reading, for some long time, an hour a week or so - extremely interesting book I do not quite accept as expressing the philosophical views I subscribe to ...
Manuel DeLanda, "Philosophy and Simulation. The Emergence of Synthetic Reason"

However, I have no time today to review it and explain it all. The only thing I wanted to say today, is that it is a worth reading, profound piece of philosophical work that tries to prove that all higher level objects of this world are emergent properties of the lower level objects. This smells like reductionism, but, and here comes a surprise - it is really not !

I hope to have time to say more about it soon...