Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spiegel: Laughing at Auschwitz

I must say: I have never seen more horrifying pictures related to Holocaust.

Can we really grasp that "normality" we see in these pictures?
Can we really atone for what we've done in XX century ?
We - humanity...

I stumbled upon this site by chance.


  1. I had not seen this album before even though it was discovered a couple of years ago. It is a huge addition to the story and, sadly, it adds a horrible dimension to my (limited) understanding of human nature.

    I didn't know who Hocker was, and in checking found that the US Holocaust Memorial Museum has this album in its collection - and a very active program. See

    It is at least encouraging to see a serious effort focused on both remembering and on working towards change. But will we - humanity - change?

    Mirek - thanks for your post, thanks for sharing this.

  2. Diane, when you scroll down there, you will see Leon Jakubowicz - a shoemaker testimony of Lodz's Getto, in the form of its mockup.

    Not long ago we had 65 anniversary of the tragic events:


  3. Mirek - Thanks - that's an amazing story, about the shoemaker and his model of the ghetto. It's good to know about the 65th anniversary commemoration as well. Lodz must have many brave souls, to continue to face this history.


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