Sunday, September 11, 2011

My favorite bookstore in Woody Allen's movie „Midnight in Paris”

No No, I won't switch to writing movies reviews... First, I very rarely visit cinemas, second, books will remain my specialty :-)

But „Midnight in Paris” is exceptional movie. (See a very good review in New York Times). Maybe it deserves being mentioned here — because it is all about literature and ... about nostalgia.

But for me one, short scene, almost a cameo was worth more — The hero couple of seconds long walk out from „Shakespeare & Company” bookstore at La Bucherie street just on the left bank in Paris...
For me it is primary place for literature in Europe, unmatched in climate, selection of books (new and old), activities (Literary Festivals, meetings with writers etc).

Thanks Woody !


  1. I felt exactly the same when I saw this film. Although I didn't much care for the film it was great to see S&co on screen! If I could add something to the iconic bookshops table it would be Massolit Books in Krakow. It's an English language bookshop just outside the old town and is such a revelation when you find it. The sheer scale of the place, as well as the atmosphere, actually meant that it was one of the highlights of my time there. I'd thoroughly recommend a look if you're ever in Krakow!

  2. Neil,

    You are exactly right - Massolit is perhaps the second place in Europe of such character.
    I was there few times. Paradoxicly my life takes me more often to Paris (1500 km from my home) than to Cracow (250 km) :-)

    In fact, in my discussion here with Raymond Harrison ( )
    I pointed Massolit to him already !!!

    Thanks Neil !

  3. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I would love to visit both of these bookstores. Quality used bookstores are disappearing in the US due to the internet. I have found a good proportion of my library from browzing in Used Bookstores with no intent in mind. Browsing is fairly impossible on internet sites principally because one cannot pick up a book and read the first chapter. And on the internet if there are only a few copies listed the book is considered rare and the price is increased dramatically. Many of the scholarly books I am interested in purchasing are quite rare and so the internet prices have become beyond my reach. What a joy to find an incredibly significant book in an early hard cover addition for a reasonable price. I fear those days are now gone.
    I am a fan of Film not Cinema. My recent trips to the theatre were to see - Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Midnight in Paris, and Tree of Life. None of these were box office successes. They were not popular nor did they make money for the profiteers who financed them. They were works of Art. Tree of Life was the most artistic viewing experience and so it was despised by most of the viewers as they left the theatre. If we continue to watch films and television for entertainment and escape, we will lose the opportunity to begin to understand why we are here on this Earth at this time. Midnight in Paris is light and playful. Woody Allen loves Art, artists, cities, and beautiful women. He hates pretentious scholars who believe they know the truth. One does not need to lament over the disappearance of a 'Golden age". The Golden age begins this morning. It is what Eckhart Tolle calls, THe Power of Now!

    Raymond Harrison

  4. Thanks Raymond,

    Will try to look for misterious steps here that take us to the past :-)

    PS. Thanks for pointing me to these two movies. Will watch them surely !

  5. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Rich history, quality books, great atmosphere, wonderful store! On the heels of the disastrous news of Borders, I'm glad to find a continued success. Maybe the indie is the new trend!