Monday, April 06, 2009

Raw Data Now

Tim Berners Lee, the unquestionable inventor of World Wide Web is also a great speaker. His greatness comes from the truth and simplicity of his message. It was such 20 years ago when he invented web, it is also today, when he spends all his days on promoting the shift of Internet to the next level. This time he pushes the idea of "Web full of Meaning" - as I call it. "Semantic Web" as it is known to public, "Web 3.0" called by geeks or - "Web of Data" as recent mantra says. All these ideas are just harbingers of what the web of the future could be.

Now - what we could do today? Strive for data. "Raw Data Now" - the new slogan Tim is chanting in the TED's auditorium. See it. For impatients - forward to minute 10:

Isn't he just great?


  1. You are right - he is just great! I never would have known about him without your posts. I had no idea!!

    Now I will leave a comment on your post from a couple of days ago, on the same topic....

  2. As Tim kind acknowledged (see section as end of slides) this "meme" came from post we wrote back in late 2007 entitled Give Us the Data Raw and Give it to Us Now.

  3. cmeidinger5:30 PM

    Thank you... great post.