Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gloom and Doom or Hope ...

Where is this world going ... ???

Reading "Inhertiance" by David Sanger is incredible experience. I suppose it is one of the best accounts about the global political, economical and security situation ever written. It is motivated by the drastic change in American policies expected with Obama presidency, by the dreadful facts about Iran nuclear program, Pakistan instability, North Korea convulsive attempts to drag world attention to them and their pigmy leader, terrorism and China's military programs.

The part of the book is about Bush and his misjudgments, but ultimately this is the book about the world as it is at the beginning of 2009. It shows how important are threats that we even 3-4 years ago did not even think of - like that of cyber-terrorism, or the real ability to smuggle atomic weapons to any peaceful country....

I'm sure that we mere mortals do not even think or feel how fragile is the world.

Lest we forget it - it will makes our daily steps a bit more careful and thoughtful....

Added a day after: The actuality and accuracy of the book is clearly seen and heard in the recent Obama's Strasburg speach:

He said something that plays well with my title: "At the crossroads where we stand today, this shared history gives us hope - but it must not give us rest" ...


  1. This looks like an important book - and for we 'mere mortals' , I really appreciate the added video, and especially the quote you included.

    But your comment was the best: " will make our daily steps a bit more careful and thoughtful".

  2. Mirek,
    You really are capable of persuading a person to read a good book.You have just done that to me.It was a very good idea to support your review with a relevant and reliable video.