Monday, June 20, 2011

Beyond, above and below the text — the mistery of reading in "Proust and the Squid"

This will be only a short note and certainly the review of this fine book will have to wait till I have some more time during the incoming summer holidays...

But I wanted to tell you how amazing this book is. By recalling the Socrates objection against written form of knowledge and looking, from this perspective, on the current transformation of paper based to digital reading, Maryanne Wolf writes an incredible apology of deep reading. And about many more....

Just fantastic and must read for all interested in the current culture...


  1. I have just come across your blog, and after spending roughly an hour reading many of your reviews, I am pleasantly surprised both my how wide your subject matter is, and how in-depth, detailed and honest you are in your reviews. I agree with much of what you say, and look foward to reading more of your insights.

  2. Hi there,

    Thx for the cheering comment !

    It will encourage me to come back to the writing about all books I read and in time. For many reasons, the backlog of unwritten reviews is growing...

    Holidays are coming, more time is at hand.
    I will also visit your new blog