Sunday, March 07, 2010

No one would listen - The account on the failure of American Financial supervision

This is harbinger of full review, because, so far, I read (i.e. listen to) only the first chapter of Harry Markopolos's "No one would listen".

Well written, almost like a thriller or good detective story, is, unfortunately I could say, based on true facts, and the author was the true detective. The book describes his investigation into Bernie Madoff case and his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. What is amazing, is that for at least last 10 years, Markopolos was sending warnings, was speaking, would offer his help to SEC - but apparently no one has seriously his warnings. Why?

Failure of FCC and SEC? Bigger failure ? Maybe....

I die for listening the full book - I will do it soon ....


  1. Seems to be about a similar topic to that is of Money To Burn by James Gripando, but that's fiction. The term ponzi scheme keeps popping up in that too.

  2. It is incredible book, it was incredible fraud....