Monday, June 22, 2009

Nigel Kennedy plays in Manufaktura

The unquestionable genius of violin, Nigel Kennedy gave an outstanding concert on the marketplace of trade center Manufaktura in Lodz. He was accompanied by the band "Kroke" and they played mostly Klezmer music, with many tours of classical, jazz and even rock music.
The music was absolutely thrilling and we just could not stand still - dancing was unavoidable !!!
Here is one piece, but the quality is very low:

I will bring here some pictures soon made by my daughter.
Kennedy's performance was one of the events of the Festival Of Jewish Culture on Lodz.

I'm proud to be a lecturer on the other day of this festival. My lecture: "Four Holy Cities of Judaism and Talmudic Sages" gathered more than 50 people in another concert/theater hall in Lodz. I did not expect to be so famous :-)

Written in Paris ....


  1. Nigel Kennedy and Kroke were made for each other ! This must have been a Kennedy experience to beat all Kennedy experiences. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Thanks !

  2. Hi Elsie,

    You are just right! Saw them 2 times together and they are just mad - in a positive sense of the word!

    Some time has passed and I did not have time to publish some pictures here.

    My daughter has published some pictures on her Picassa page: -

    they are unfiltered, but maybe you could select something. If you like a picture, write to me - I will ask her to send you HiRes for your nice Kennedy site.

    You do have a very nice site about Nigel !!!