Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Mishnah

This entry is just a signal - not yet a review. Well how it could be possible to make a review of such Book...
I slowly, but regularly read Jacob's Neusener "The Mishnah. A New Translation." To be correct, I still read the introduction to it. And it is incredible ...

Just two citations:

"The Mishnah talks of this worldly things, but the things stand for and speak of another world entirely."


"This language is filled with words for neutral things of humble existence. It does not speak of holy things and is not symbolic in its substance. This language speaks of ordinary things, of things which everyone must have known. (...) but (it) expresses a deeply embedded ontology and methodology of the sacred, specifically of the sacred within the secular, and of the capacity for regulation, therefore for sanctification, within the ordinary...."

This is another reality, reality worth to know ....

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