Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reading with a bit of good humor :-)

I just forgotten to make a post of my (two months ago) reading of A.J. Jacob's "The Year of Living Biblically". It is not quite serious book, and I'm glad to know that it was not meant to be serious.
But, as always, it has a grain of deep thoughts. What it could mean today to be a religious fundamentalists? Where and when people that claim to live biblically, do it with profound, deep faith, but when it is just lack of wisdom and common sense ?

Paradoxically, the book posts quite serious question (without giving an answer): if one want to live according to Torah (or Bible in broader sense) - what would it mean? Where banality ends and true virtue starts? What rules/commandments we need to follow literally and what allegorically ?

Honestly - I do not know the answer - and question remains - so it's good to ready funny, a bit unserious books sometimes ... and have more serious thoughts after .....

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