Friday, July 25, 2008

Kate Mosse Sepulchre - good vacation reading

When I was in Paris recently it was hard not to notice the new Kate's novel adds. They were everywhere in Paris !!!
So when I was getting the book for my short holidays I selected Sepulchre - and it was good choice. I still read it so this is not final note about the book....
The book has two plots, which are quite long completely parallel and unrelated. One is in XIX century France for a French family, another in XXI France for American researcher. The plots meet at the same place - in Domaine de la Cade - a house in Rennes-les-Bains
(Carcassonne area). I have no final opinion yet - but - I can say - it is captivating story - just perfect for holiday relax. Tarot cards, connections to da Vinci Code, occultism and fascinating interplay of these two threads - modern and old - this makes it all.

btw, it was nice to read about Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris - this is my favorite place in the city.

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