Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quantum Theory by John Polkinghorne ...

I do not quite understand why I decided to write this post after so many months of not writing anything on my blog...

The book "Quantum Theory. A Very Short Introduction" by John Polkinghorne  is one of these "A Very Short Introduction" series books that are simple and usually not deep enough. However, this one is much different. It simple, yet is also very deep.
One gets an intro course into Quantum Theory, but one is also faced with fundamental, philosophical problems of modern science.

Well, after so many months of silence, I can't write any good review, so I will say only some few words.

The author, John Polkinghorne is an unusual person. He is: "theoretical physicist, theologian, writer, and Anglican priest" (see this). What is extremely important, there is just NO sign in the book that could tell you that the author is ordained priest! Well, for 25 years he was absolutely secular scientist!

I guess I will end this long awaited review at this moment and at this point....


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  1. Qantumm theory is a spiritual science, so I find it interesting.