Sunday, April 11, 2010

A week of mourning in Poland

The terrible tragedy happened in Poland. Yesterday, about 9 AM, the plane carrying most important Polish officials, including the country president has crashed while landing at Smolensk airport. The tragedy is of enormous proportions.

Even more immense is its symbolic meaning.

All the people on board were going to Katyn - the village in west Russia, where in 1940, Soviets have murdered more than 20 thousand officers of Polish army and Polish intelligentsia, including many Priests and Rabbies. Until freedom came to Russia, for almost 50 years Soviets denied the crime...

Because of this tragedy, I changed colour of this blog and will not post any review until next week.


  1. I'm So sorry! What really caused this?

  2. We still don't know. However, it seems it was CFIT type of air accident...

  3. CFIT is Controlled Flight Into Terrain.

    It means that the pilot by making a terrible error flew two low and hit the ground...

    You can see Russian TV speculation here.,0.html#film=76005_7787242

    We await the formal investigation's resulats though. It is such a tragedy that we prefer not to speculate...

  4. I see,thanks for the clarification. Could you elaborate on the "symbolic meaning" that you mentioned too,if it's no problem?

  5. Amila,

    They were going to the place where in II World War, Russians killed more than 20 thousand Polish POWs - against any international rules of the war. What is more - for 60 years they did not admit they did it...
    This tragedy was a stumbling block in Polish-Russian relations since we regained freedom.
    The plane crashed exactly 70 years later and very near the crime place in Russia, having on board Polish president, military commanders and recent Polish fighters for freedom...

    Whatever are the crash reasons - this even is poignantly full of tragic symbolism...

  6. Amila, read this:

  7. Thanks for the link. Awfully sad facts. A man murdering another driven by rage or vengeance is one thing,but killing hundreds and thousands for political,ideological or religious motivations is far beyond my understanding.