Sunday, December 06, 2009

Future of physical Books - a new discussion at Book Blogs

Some time ago, after the first discussion about Books and their future, I initiated another one on Book Blogs network. It happened to be very interesting, received "Featured" status and sometimes, even hot :-)
The majority of commentators shared my view, that simply says: "Physical Books will never die". But there were also good arguments in favour of eBooks.

See two opinions:
From Stacy - the Novelist - FOR pBooks:

As an author, I think about autographed copies of books and book signings. If physical books were no longer around, how would people get autographed copies of their favorite books from their favorite authors?

From Novel Reaction - the Reader - FOR eBooks:

(...) when I travel I take books with me to read on my down time. A year ago (before I had my ereader) I took 12 books with me on vacation to Hawaii, read all of the books while I was there and ended up purchasing more for the plane ride home. Because I took so many books I had to pay extra for the weight in my luggage. Again, the convenience of an ereader is HUGE for me!!

All in all - its good to consider these matters - we live in eventful times when it comes to books business. As one of examples - Nook is coming ...


  1. I just saw through another blog that you are reading Cat's Cradle. Can't wait to read a review that is one of my all time favorites.

  2. Hi "Padffot & Prongs",

    In fact I already have published the review here.

    Enjoy !!!