Saturday, September 06, 2008

Salman Rushdie on books and reading

In one of his interviews with Steve Paulson ( Salman Rushdie expressed a simple truth about books and the imaginative power they have.
It could be a motto for my blog:

"Every book is a different sort of a journey. And you are, in a way, making up a world that you're simultenously moving in to. And offering other people to do the same thing with it.
(...) I have an experience when I'm reading a book that I really love, that I slow right down, that I want to stay there as long as I can."

This is exactly what I feel when I read great book. Sometimes, when I read a book after book, I need to stop and just do not read anything for a while - just to allow the worlds I was in, to dwell longer in me.....

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  1. I like the connection you make between Rushdie's expression of the journey we make with books, and the experience of blogging. Good motto for your blog!