Saturday, May 24, 2008

More questions - No answers

I finished "The Castle in the Forest" ... It is incredibile book. Norman Mailer is a master of revelations. What he reveled in this book is the truly demonic character of Hitler. And it is not
for the book's narrator is devil... That were Hitler’s family relations - they were already demonic.
But - I must say - the book raises more questions than gives answers.

Let us think about the end of the last chapter - seven:
"Mother's love must be a sweetest honey - indeed we are there to enjoy it as well"

In some parabolic or maybe, alegoric sense, the books explains how the childhood may bring the evil into our life.

One thread in the book, that I do not understand is the devil's plot in Car's Russia.

Maybe I have gut feeling about the connection, but nothing I could think of, nor to write in this blog ...

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